We are a team of web developers, working with complex databases. One of our advantages is a well-organized team that is committed to doing a good job. Our goal is to make the world better, and we are implementing it by taking part in various outsource projects. Contact us

amazingcat is a database-centered design & highload technologies team.

We are web programmers, who working with highload ecommerce projects, big data sql and nosql solutions. One of our advantages is a well-organized team that is committed to doing a good job. Our goal is to make the world easier!
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Our projects

Papirgaarden Grenaa

Papirgaarden Grenaa is Danish bilingual online shop based on WordPress with WooCommerce. It is an example of complex realization and high performance e-commerce site - large products database, configurated using different sources, difficult structure and dozens of categories. Some of plugins were written specially for papirgaarden: role based prices, user groups, product customization, new delivery and payment methods. WordPress theme was customized for better UX.


This site of Sweden financial company that goes far beyond information or advertising function - it is a fully functioning part of the business, that has loan request form - a complex mechanism for issuing loans:

  1. 1. The decision on loan maximum amount is taken automatically, without participation of the bank's employees,

  2. 2. Canoxa employees receives a agreement on credit conditions signed by client through electronic signature,

  3. 3. as a result of integration with Instantor, each application is accompanied by client's financial statements, allowing to minimize business risks.


Our services

We love to build projects that not only look great but really do work for our clients.

We code on php7 (custom applications on laravel, yii), nodeJS, Ruby (RoR). We develop ecommerce projects on magento 1.x and 2, shopify, woocommerce.
Database configuration and administration: Mysql, postgresql, sharding, replication. Extra speed by using mongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch where it’s necessary.

For modern user experience we use reliable and fast frontend technologies: HTML5, SASS, LESS, COMPASS, Flexbox, JS, jQuery; Foundation, Bootstrap, Custom grids; Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, Bower, NPM; Blade, PHTML and all another integrated in frameworks technologies.

You have the products and product knowledge.
We have the online experience and technical skills. Together, we can maximize your sales.